The Foundation

I’m not taking about makeup or a building or the science fiction series by Isaac Asimov.  Actually, the foundation of my gothic roots, THE band that converted from me an R&B, hip shaking soul brother was The Cure. Something about the haunting voice, the dark yet catchy music, and the lyrics that didn’t make any sense to me at the time like a Fire In Cairo (huh? why?), Killing an Arab (what? really?) just confused me enough to draw me in.  On the other side of the glam goth spectrum, this ghoulish rocker is still doing what he loves. Check out Robert Smith doing a solo acoustic set in Bilbao, Spain 2012.


No Wheat or Sugar For This Boy


No more donuts and cake!  Advised by a nutritionist, DJ Boy George, former new wave front man for the Culture Club slimmed down removing wheat and sugar from his diet. Growing older can mean growing slimmer without using the drug addiction diet.

I found out I was gluten sensitive a couple years ago. Removing that nasty protein from my lifestyle, I shed 15 pounds in two weeks without any exercise. It’s much easier to gather cobwebs, step over the dead and do other goth dance moves when you are gaunt.

Although Boy George is more new wave than goth, his androgynous appearance, and penchant for black is pop goth enough for me. I found a deeper, darker remix of the Culture Club classic “Do you really Want to Hurt Me.” Much, much better than The Wedding Singer version.

The Beginning

Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows (photo credit: IBN Live)_

Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows (photo credit: IBN Live)

Three weeks ago, I was gasping for air, ready to cough up both lungs. That was after I jogged a 15-minute mile. Forward to today: 4 miles and 40 minutes later, my powers seem to be returning. Surprised just like Johnny here, how did I fall so far? When will I be able fit into the slim, pegged jeans of decades past?

I never realized it before but Goths do grow old, even covered in all that makeup protecting us from the sunlight. Faeries told us we are the children of the night and that dancing to Bauhaus and Joy Division would bring us everlasting life. A refresher is in order.  I found this tutorial on How To Dance Goth to bring me back into Goth dancing shape. Memories, memories, memories and ton of fun!